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Zippys’ Tales

Zippy's Tales

Zippy's Tales reimagines cross-cultural storytelling through augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technology. Through Zippy, children can virtually travel the world with her and learn more about all the beautiful cultures, traditions and people living on Earth.

On a floating tree, in the intergalactic space lives a squirrel named Zippy. Armed with the magical tree of knowledge, Zippy’s mission is to share life lessons with those in need. Drawing from the myths and legends of the past, she educates those in need with the wisdom of the past, keeping ancient treasured stories alive. Along the way, she makes many friends around the world whom all like to play and adventure with Zippy. Check out our latest teaser for Zippy created in a game engine.

Zippy's Vision

Zippy’s Tales has been planned as a global transmedia project from day one. Besides the intended TV show we have already released various apps, games and also ran a theme park (Zippyland) concept at the Auckland central city library that attracted the largest crowd ever to any event at the library.

Zippy's Journey so far

Following is the list of activities and developments we have done to date in expanding Zippy's World.‍

Zippyland - AR/VR Themepark